Terms & Condition


These terms and conditions describe the rules and regulations for the use of the PULSEPLANET. website located at www.pulseplanet.pt and all its subdomains, referring to April 1 Current wording of Decree No. 24/2014 of 2021.


The use of this website and the purchase of any product on pulseplanet.pt means that users and customers accept the general terms and conditions of contract and use.


1 – General Information


PULSEPLANET offers a customer assistance service, and customers can contact PULSEPLANET at any time through our contacts to request clarifications on products sold, suggest improvements to the overall service, or file a complaint:


.Email: info@pulseplanet.pt


2 – Conditions of use of pulseplanet.pt


Users must be at least 13 years of age to create an online account and make purchases at pulseplanet.pt and must use the site in accordance with applicable law.


pulseplanet.pt may have links to other websites that may contain information/tools useful to its users. These pulseplanet.pt terms and conditions do not apply to third party websites. Therefore, if a user visits another website redirected from pulseplanet.pt, he/she must understand and accept its terms and conditions and privacy policy.


3 – Modification of the website and these terms and conditions


PULSEPLANET reserves the right to change the presentation and content of pulseplanet.pt, its services and these terms and conditions at any time without notice. These modifications will help to improve the website and the services provided to users, who may discontinue use of pulseplanet.pt if the user does not agree with the changes introduced.


4 – Intellectual Property


All content and information contained in pulseplanet.pt is owned by or licensed to PULSEPLANET and, therefore, the use, reproduction, reproduction and other dissemination of logos, text, images and videos or their intellectual property rights requires prior request.


The customer must comply with the contractual and legal conditions applicable to the products sold on pulseplanet.pt concerning intellectual property rights, copyright and related rights, personal use rights to regulate reproduction, reproduction, rental, etc. PULSEPLANET is not responsible for any possible misuse of these products.


5 – Product and Price Information


5.1 Product Information


PULSEPLANET uses technical descriptions, photos and videos to illustrate the products sold, taking into account information about the basic characteristics of the product, strictly adhering to the best standards of the market and clearly communicated on the page of each product to the customer. and/or the services it provides. Always ensure the correct and reputable attitude of the supplier in the market and in the direct selling system.


5.2 Price Information


PULSEPLANET expressly provides the total price for each good or service on the website, including applicable fees and taxes or surcharges.


PULSEPLANET is not responsible for unforeseen material changes in the selling prices to the public appearing on the website due to computer, manual, technical errors or any other reasons, therefore, if this is excessive or manifestly ludicrous, the purchase order will be deemed invalid and canceled, the customer will be informed of this fact.


Prices and products and promotions and offers offered by PULSEPLANET apply only to purchases made through pulseplanet.pt and may not be consistent with prices and products in other stores, except for promotions expressly stated on the online page.


6 – Create an account at pulseplanet.pt


To access all the advantages of a pulseplanet.pt online account and to place an order, it is necessary to visit the website and create an account there as a user by filling out an electronic form with your personal data, as explained below. Instructions are provided in each step. After registration, the user can proceed to purchase his/her products.


7 – Payment Methods


PULSEPLANET offers payment options for the following products and/or services on the website:


STRIPE: VISA/MASTER/AMEX (Multibanco & MBWAY yet to be opened)


8 – Product Availability/Flexibility


Products featured on pulseplanet.pt are available to order. Products on the website may not be available without prior notice.


In the event of an inventory outage after payment of an order, PULSEPLANET will notify the customer of the occurrence, thereby establishing a new delivery schedule as soon as the product becomes available or refunding within a period of up to 14 business days after the order is canceled.


Estimated domestic delivery time for products is 3 to 20 business days*, depending on the supplier. Free shipping on orders over 200 EUR. Due to shipping conditions, shipments to Madeira and the Azores are always outside the additional delivery time.


Shipping fee


Shipping to Portugal


Packs up to 5 kg € 5.93

Packing from 5kg to 10kg € 9.62

Packing from 10kg to 15kg € 13.31

Packing from 15kg to 20kg € 17.00

Packing from 20kg to 25kg € 20.69

Packing from 25kg to 30kg € 24.38

Packing from 30kg to 35kg € 28.07

Packing from 35kg to 40kg € 31.76

Per 5 KG €3.69


9 – Fees and Taxes


Retail prices shown on pulseplanet.pt are in Euros€. All prices include VAT and other taxes or charges that may become due.


10 – Warranty


Products sold on pulseplanet.pt are protected by the legal regime for the sale and warranty of consumer goods approved by Decree No. 67/2003 of April 8, in its current version, the compliance guarantee period is three years from the date of delivery of the goods.


You can exercise your rights by contacting the Customer Service Line or by emailing PULSEPLANET.


11 – Returns and Refunds


If the product is damaged after delivery, PULSEPLANET must return the product within 7 days of receipt of the product, and the product must be returned in the same condition as when it was sold, and there is no sign of abuse. Costumers can chat with staff by email, and staff will, where applicable, contact the customer to arrange delivery of the goods after PULSEPLANET has received a statement from the customer exercising the right of withdrawal. The amount paid by the customer, including (if applicable) other fees already paid by the customer, will be paid to the consumer by bank transfer after verification for compliance with the return conditions, and PULSEPLANET has a maximum of 14 working days for this purpose.


12 – Responsibilities


PULSEPLANET shall not be liable for damages caused by any computer virus, network problem or Internet supply problem, information provided by the supplier, or any other circumstance unrelated thereto which interferes with the access and proper functioning of the www.pulseplanet.pt domain. and the services provided therein.


13 – Personal data processed by PULSEPLANET 

The person responsible for the processing of customers’ personal data at pulseplanet.pt is PULSEPLANET.


Account-wide processing of customers’ personal data is intended to enable customers to access their purchasing history, identify potential spending preferences, including defining profiles based on remote purchasing and spending history. . Prediction of consumer preferences and identification of personal data for the purpose of developing personalized marketing campaigns, personalized sales in face-to-face services, advance communication of activities of anticipated customer interest, which can be attributed and automated communications, and optimization of online availability range of products.


For example, a client who has shown a preference for a particular scope of items may receive campaign communications related to those scoped items, and these communications may be expected by the public. On the other hand, using the site will allow PULSEPLANET to bet on the most sought-after items by customers.


Within the scope of each specific purchase, PULSEPLANET processes transaction data related to the execution of purchase and sale contracts to purchase products or services offered by PULSEPLANET on the website or on request in the corresponding pre-contract steps to provide customers (data holders )of. This includes billing, delivery, payment and return data.


Audits may also be conducted to safeguard PULSEPLANET’s interests in ensuring computer security, detecting fraud, or responding to official agency notifications.


While browsing the website, PULSEPLANET may access and store browsing-related information in accordance with the cookie policy.


14 – Retention period of personal data


PULSEPLANET will delete personal data related to transactions made by customers on pulseplanet.pt within 10 years from the date of the last transaction.


The period referred to corresponds to the mandatory period for keeping accounting documents.


Personal data collected for the delivery of the product will be deleted within two years after delivery in accordance with the warranty obligations of the goods.


If the customer cancels his online account or withdraws his consent, PULSEPLANET will delete the data within one month after the customer expresses his intention to cancel his/her intention. In this case, PULSEPLANET will retain transaction data for tax purposes only for the period specified by law.


15- Customer Rights


The customer has the following rights within the scope of personal data protection: right of access, right of rectification, right of erasure, right to restriction of processing, right of portability, right of objection and right not to be subject to automated decision-making, which may be subject to the terms set out in the applicable laws and regulations exercise.


Applicable Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution


16 – Applicable Law


These terms and conditions and all contracts that may be entered into under them are governed by Portuguese law.